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Information on the treatment of the personal data.


In the following the large table of finalities and modalities of treatment, inviting the person concerned to read, before giving the consent, the privacy information as availability on the federation web site

  1. Proprietor of the treatment and contacts data: Federazione Italiana Rugby with venue in Roma, Stadio Olimpico – Curva nord- 00135 – tel. +390645213118/19 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  2. Personal data categories: general personal data, sensitive personal data and enable to release healthy status, judicial data (only self-declaration without criminal convictions for administrative purposes)
  3. Primary purposes of the treatment : purposes closely related and instrumental for the fulfillment of obligations concerning associative relationships, enrollment, to be part or be affiliated with the federation in any guise
  4. Secondary purposes of the treatment: the personal data collected ( with exclusion of sensitive, healthy and judicial ones) could be process by Federation both with paper ( for instance: fulfilling forms, coupons and similar papers with following electronic use) and automatic/informatics use for commercial promotions, advertising communication purposes, solicitation to buy, market researches, surveys (also by phone, online or using questionnaire), statistics elaborations (in identifiable form), others samples marketing researches (including present award winning manifestations, plays and contests). In addition, personal data could be process for profiling purpose
  5. Method of professing: data may process in a manual way and/or using informatics/telematic tools
  6. Mandatory or optional consent for primary purposes of the treatment: not mandatory
  7. Mandatory of optional consent for secondary purposes of the treatment: it is mandatory to receive the specific interested person consents for the treatments that pursue further marketing purposes and commercial profiling, as separate consents for the data communication to third parties for marketing purpose or profiling activity. Interested person consent is absolutely facultative and optional and the non-provision of a service does not determine any consequences on the enrollment
  8. Revocation of provided consent: all specific consents, which the costumer has provided for any use, are revocable in any time without formalities, also after the service
  9. Communication and diffusion sectors: for the achievement of primary purposes the FIR may communicate personal data at the external third parties for the fulfillment of obligations related to the enrollment and/or to the comply of by-laws, regulations, federation laws, circulars and directives and etc. For the achievement of secondary finalities of marketing and profiling activity, the FIR may communicate data to third commercial partners, sponsors, etc.
  10. Transferring personal data to non-UE countries: some personal data of registered person may be transferred to third countries or to international organizations located outside European Union to pursue the only primary finalities of treatment (example: participation to international sporting events, following procedures for entrance of registered person extra UE, etc.)
  11. Conservation data period: data may be retained for a period of time as provided into Federation Charter, regulations  and national and international regulations. Documents containing data of civil, account and fiscal nature may be retained for five or ten years. Data processed for marketing and profiling activities may be retained in respect of the principle of proportionality and anyway since the purposes of the treatment there will be not pursued or since – if prior- there will be not the specific revocation of consent by the enrolled person.
  12. Exercise of the rights from interested person: interested person has right: (1) to require the access to personal data, rectification or deletion of those or the limitation of the data treatment or the opposition to the treatment, in the cases referred; (2) to propose a Guarantor for personal data protection. The exercise of rights is not subjected to any shape restriction and is free.
  13. Data Protection Officer of Federazione Italiana Rugby: Data Protection Officer of Federazione Italiana Rugby is lawyer Federico Masi, which contact detail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For any more appropriate information, please read the large information published on the federation website:, in the privacy section.

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